Matt (technician) & Sue (on the phone), are a dream team. They gave honest impartial advice about a second-hand rug I’d bought and the end result is brilliant I’ll never look anywhere else again. Thanks!

Dr Hornsey

Great service by the Chem-Dry Team – thanks!

Chem-Dry carried out their work with extreme care and skill and were very polite

Thank you again for your constant friendly, polite and professional attitude

Very impressed by the efficiency of Chem-Dry

Very professional and down to earth.

Chem-Dry know how to conduct themselves & know how to liaise with there clients to give them a sense of wellbeing, I’m very impressed.

A brilliant job and exceptional service

Case Study

Background Policyholder’s home has damaged by severe flooding up to a height of 1.2 m approximately 3 weeks before Christmas. The claim was quickly identified as high priority as the Insured’s baby was due to be born between Christmas and New Year. Concerns and Considerations Property had previously received flood defence work after 2005 The…

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Case Study

Background Following the failure of a push fit joint on pipe work feeding the shower in a flat where the resident was away overnight, 16 rooms were water damaged in this purpose built block. Moisture readings taken showed that of 448m2 of the total 560m2 floor area was affected. It was agreed that due to…

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