Chem-Dry can offer to sanitise your home or workplace quickly and efficiently using hospital grade sanitiser.  These sanitisers attack enveloped viruses (such as that which causes Covid-19) by disrupting the lipid membrane that surrounds and protects the virus. Once that membrane has disrupted, the virus breaks down and is no longer active or contagious.  This is similar to how soap and water work but we can apply our sanitiser to all surfaces  and wipe down high touch point areas, resulting in a healthy environment in your home or workplace .

All of our equipment is sanitised before and after each visit and all technicians wear appropriate PPE  and maintain social distancing.

Please call our helpline above for advice and a no obligation estimate

Excellent service at a fair price. I thought we would need to replace all the carpets pre sale of the house, but Colin worked his magic and now they look great.

Mark F

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