Top tips for knowing when and how to use a carpet rake

carpet rake

Everybody knows that carpets really can make a house a home. Sinking your toes into plush pile first thing in the morning... there really is nothing better! But when those heavy traffic areas become matted, and your carpets start to look dull, frustration can set in, and worry about the cost of replacement can take over.

Chem-Dry have the answer – a carpet rake. Ever heard of one? Many of you won’t have, especially if you don’t have a large carpeted room, but these small and inexpensive tools really can work wonders. A carpet rake is an indoor tool, very similar to a traditional rake used for leaves and outdoor mess. It has a long plastic handle, small plastic teeth at one end and is light and portable. A carpet rake can be used both pre and post vacuuming.

Pre vacuuming – the benefits

Using a carpet rake pre-vacuuming loosens any dirt and debris hidden deep with the carpet and lifts it to the surface, ready to be vacuumed off. It helps untangle any intertwined fibres, which add to the matted look of your carpet. You wouldn’t leave your hair unbrushed, would you? Pre-vacuuming raking should be done in both a forward and backward motion (push-pull methods), to ensure the most amount of lift.

Post vacuuming – the benefits

Using a carpet rake after vacuuming your carpet serves to put everything back in its rightful place. Where dirt has been lifted and removed, the carpet can now be raked using a backward motion (pull method), raking in the opposite direction of the carpet pile, to get your carpet looking uniformed and feeling lighter and springier.

Carpet raking is a fantastic solution for in between professional carpet cleans. Carpet raking give your carpet that fresh look by allowing you to clean and maintain your carpet yourself, leaving the deep clean for when stubborn stains appear. Whilst being a vital tool for maintenance, carpet rakes should only be used on certain types of carpets (for more information on carpet types, click here). Avoid use on berber carpets, as well as woven carpets, as you risk pulling fibres out! If you have an queries regarding carpet rake use, contact your local Chem-Dry franchise, the carpet cleaning experts, who will be able to give you more handy hints and tips!

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