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  • What’s the Best Way to Clean a Carpet?

    It may seem like a simple question, but what is the best way to keep your carpet clean and protected from an endless series of trampling feet? For some, running a vacuum over the floor once a week may seem like the simple and efficient solution. Businesses may hire a janitor to do the same, but is it effective enough?

  • “New Videos”

    We have recently released across our social media accounts some short videos – these can also be seen on our new YouTube account

  • Insights with our Advisors: Steve Curtis, Chairman of Chem-Dry

    Good financial advice is essential to running a successful business and Chem-Dry works in close partnership with Surrey accountancy firm, RJP LLP.

    RJP’s Audit Partner Simon Paterson recently interviewed Steve Curtis, Chem-Dry’s Chairman, to get his views on sources of inspiration and what he thinks are the most important aspects of financial management. Here’s what they discussed

  • Does your pet cause allergy problems in your home?

    When we think of our pets, we often think of the companionship, happiness and love they bring to our homes, not the hidden germs and bacteria they carry. However, each time your pet enters your home, they bring with them a variety of dirt, germs and bacteria.

  • Hayfever 2015

    Hayfever getting to you this Spring?

    With hay fever season in full swing, we wanted to give you some pointers in reducing the allergens in your home.

  • Dog on doormat

    The unseen perils your dog brings into your home

    Dogs are man’s best friend, known for their companionship and fast become a member of the family.

    But, whilst they give unconditional love to their owners, you may not be aware that that love also brings with it some hazards which can compromise the safety of your home and family’s wellbeing.

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