Remove the cigarette odours from your home


When we take the plunge into giving up cigarettes, the lingering odours can be a constant reminder and make the process even more difficult than it needs to be.

That is why we have put together our top five methods of removing the odours from your home, helping your quitting efforts to stay on track.

  1. Install an air purifier

    Helping to remove particles in the air, they are a great way of kick-starting the odour-removal process. They also trap dust and dirt particles from the air in your room, leaving you with a clean space in which to relax.

    Please make sure you follow the manual for the device you purchase.

  2. Clean your carpets

    Getting a deep clean performed by a professional carpet cleaner is the best way of getting your carpets odour free.

    Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning techniques generate millions of tiny CO2 bubbles which will penetrate deep into the carpet fibres, dissolving dirt and stains quickly.

  3. Clean all glass and mirrors

    Glass and mirrors attract a great deal of cigarette smoke. Using household vinegar to wash the glass and mirrors, you can remove the smoke smells they have caught. Simply rinse the vinegar off with warm water and dry with a cloth.

    We recommend that you test this technique on an inconspicuous area of your glass and mirrors before proceeding to use this technique throughout.

  4. Wash your fabrics

    This includes all throws, cushions and fabric furniture.

    Following the washing instructions on your throws and cushions, you should be able to remove the odours from them with relative ease – most should be able to be machine washed.

    Your sofas and chairs may prove to be more of a challenge. Although the covers may be machine washable, the cigarette odour is likely to have penetrated deep within the fabric construction.

    Luckily, your Chem-Dry technician will be able to provide a thorough deep clean of your fabric upholstery using state of the art carbonation techniques.

  5. Charcoal

    Charcoal is a great cheap way of removing lingering smoke smells from your home.

    You can hang it up in pouches, or place it on steady surfaces in your home and it is an affordable means of attracting the lingering odours generated from cigarette smoke.

When you are satisfied that your home is free from the lingering cigarette smoke odours, why not try Chem-Dry’s carpet deodoriser? Available to purchase in aerosol cans from your local franchise, as well as online, your home can smell clean and fresh all year around.

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