News Archive : November 2014

  • Smoking

    Remove the cigarette odours from your home

    When we take the plunge into giving up cigarettes, the lingering odours can be a constant reminder and make the process even more difficult than it needs to be.

    That is why we have put together our top five methods of removing the odours from your home, helping your quitting efforts to stay on track.

  • Statement chair

    Protect your loved ones from their allergies this winter

    All too often allergy products are only heard of during the summer months, with many allergy sufferers feeling the effects of the increased pollen.

    However, it is a sad fat that some allergy sufferers have to endure the effects of dust, pollen and so on, all year round.

  • Red wine stain

    Get your home back to normal

    With two holidays which are notorious for creating mess, not to mention half term, just behind us it’s little wonder that carpets and upholstery can start to look a little worse for wear at this time of year...