News Archive : January 2014

  • Bike in Living Room

    Are muddy bikes slowly ruining your carpets and rugs?

    Over time, bikes accumulate a lot of mud and dirt, made worse by the British weather and cycling through puddles in the rain. Every mum, or parent for that matter, knows how much of a pain muddy wheel marks on carpets and rugs can be.

  • Mother and daughter on mattress

    6 tips for banishing dust mites from your home

    Dust mites are inevitable, and even the cleanest of homes are not safe from the invasion of these unwanted pests. Whilst impossible to totally eliminate from your home, there are several steps you can take to dramatically reduce dust mite presence and keep your family healthy.

  • York Flood image

    Chem-Dry respond quickly in wake of the UK storms

    Over the past month, the UK has been hit by some of the worst storms for the last 50 years.