Tile, Stone & Grout

Renew the shine to your home

Your Chem-Dry technician will use the most advanced cleaning solution and powerful suction equipment to remove the dirt and grime from the grout, tile and stone in your home.

The process we’ll use in your home is an effective way to reduce bacteria and other micro-organisms found on the surface and inside the grout.

Tile Grouting Before & After

You can be confident that your tiled surfaces will be safer for your children and pets – we’ll even use a Chem-Dry sealant to keep germs out and make future cleaning easier.

Your technician can also help you to enhance and revitalise your floors, counters, walls and other tiled surfaces with our professional grout colouring, grout colour repair, stone colour enhancing alongside other services.

Speak to your franchise today to find out more.