Case Study


Following the failure of a push fit joint on pipe work feeding the shower in a flat where the resident was away overnight, 16 rooms were water damaged in this purpose built block. Moisture readings taken showed that of 448m2 of the total 560m2 floor area was affected.

It was agreed that due to the extent of damage and the construction of the building pressure drying was required.

Concerns & Considerations

  • Floor tiles and kitchen units remained in situ in two of the flats.
  • No drying could take place in the walk in wardrobe due to the presence of mould.
  • There was a high probability that there was standing water/trapped moisture within the structure of the communal area and stairs leading down into the basement car park that needed to be investigated.
  • Hot water cylinders required removal in order for the laminate flooring and underlay to be uplifted
  • Water separators required to remove standing water

Works undertaken

  • Removal of contents
  • Strip out works (Insurers preferred contractor)
  • Holes drilled
  • Extracted standing water
  • Set up of pressure drying systems
  • Monitored throughout


  • It took 7 weeks to complete the mould remediation and “drying “works, returning the structure to pre loss moisture levels.
  • Its was estimated that the saving to the Insurer was in excess of £200,000 due to the minimal strip out required and savings in reinstatement costs . In addition further savings were made in terms of reduced alternative accommodation due to a reduced claim lifecycle

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