Pet Odour Remover

World Famous Pet Odour Remover

Eliminate Pet Urine Odours

Benefits to your home include:

  • Tackles fresh urine odours and smells
  • Safe for kids and pets.
  • Can be applied to carpets and rugs.
  • Green certified product.
  • Our Pet Odour Remover contains a specialised formulation that deals with any fresh pet odours and pet smells on your carpet. Once applied to the affected areas, it effectively breaks down urine molecules to eliminate unpleasant odours of upto 5 days old, leaving your carpets free of any unpleasant pet smells and odours.

If your pet stains and odours have existed for a longer period of time, our specialised P.U.R.T.® treatment, may be the suitable solution.

Tackle Your Pet Odours & Pet Smells

Chem-Dry's Pet Odour Remover is packaged ideal plastic containers and is available in a 946 ml container size. Purchase your pet odour removal product today from our shop.

For further information on our Pet Odour Removal Treatment, please contact your local Chem-Dry carpet cleaning and stain removal professional.