Green Carpet Cleaning

Environmental Awareness

We have become very aware of the impact that our normal day to day actions contribute to climate change and it is often highlighted how we should all be contributing in one way or another by recycling household waste and reduce our 'carbon footprint'.

Juggling the pressure of attempting to maintain sparkling clean carpets and household furnishings, coupled with the environmental pressures of having seen to be doing the right thing and going green isn't easy.

Do you really need to replace your existing carpets?

A longer lifespan can result in less carpet and furniture in our landfills and less strain on our planets resources required to manufacture replacement carpets & upholstery. As we believe in restoration rather than replacement it will help to reduce consumption and waste.

Choose Chem-Dry for green carpet cleaning

Some carpet cleaning methods are better for the environment than other method, but Chem-Dry's proves an ideal green carpet cleaning solution for your home. Our core cleaning solution 'The Natural®' is a great choice for the environment as is naturally based.

A natural approach to cleaning carpets

'The Natural®' is an innovative contribution of totally effective ingredients and doesn't contain soaps, solvents, detergents and surfactants. Cleaning with the 'The Natural®' is like giving your carpets a refreshing mineral water bath.

The hot carbonating cleaning process generates natural Co2 bubbles which penetrates the carpet fibres dissolving dirt and stains quickly.

Chem-Dry's Green Certified Programme is specially designed and certifies our patented core cleaning solution, 'The Natural®' together with several of our consumer products are safe for humans, animals, water and contribute to a reduction in air pollution.

All the above factors show Chem-Dry is attempting to contribute by providing a healthier and responsible way of cleaning carpets.