Curtain Cleaning Tips

Curtains and Your Indoor Environment

Curtains play a very important role in helping you to maintain a healthy indoor environment. Curtains act as an air filter that traps all airborne dust and soil that comes into your home and just like your carpet and upholstery cleaning, curtains also require a professional clean.

The fabric traps dust and grease from the air which dulls the colour and leaves an odour in the air. Curtains play the important role of trapping airborne pollution that comes into your home from outside and the most effective way to remove this is with a high-quality curtain cleaning service.

Curtains can absorb household smells and odours, which can also break down some of the curtains fabric, therefore making the curtain cleaning process a more delicate operation.

Clean curtains play an important part in you maintaining a healthier indoor environment for your family. For further advice on curtain cleaning, please contact your local Chem-Dry curtain cleaning professional, to discuss your needs.