Carpet Rake

Restore Your Carpet Pile with our handy Carpet Cleaning Rake

Regularly raking your carpet will reduce pile-matting in the doorways and foot wells in your home.

Benefits to your home:

  • Lifts dirt and soil from deep within your carpet fibres.
  • Grooms carpet fibres.
  • Reduces pile matting.
  • Effective carpet care accessory.

Our carpet rake's soft bristles penetrate deep into your carpet pile and brings loose dirt, grime and soil to the surface for easy removal. Make raking your carpet part of your regular carpet cleaning routine.

It is simple to use and has been specifically designed to restore your carpet pile.

Pre & Post Carpet Care Treatment

To maintain well groomed carpets, Chem-Dry's carpet rake is the ideal carpet cleaning accessory for your home.

Looking For Carpet Cleaning Tips & Carpet Care Advice
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  • Groom & restore your carpet pile with Chem-Dry's Carpet Rake

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