Carpet Deodorisers

Our carpet deodorisers leave carpets smelling clean and fresh.

Eliminate Carpet Odours & Carpet Smells with Our Carpet Deodorisers

Our carpet deodorisers can cover up various smells such as cooking, pets, smoke and other odours in your home, business or vehicles.Their soil-resistant coating helps to maintain cleaner carpets for longer. They last much longer than convention powders in most cases and usually they are able to treat upto 5 times more surface area.

Don't Mask Your Household Smells & Odours

Our Carpet Deodorisers are concentrated fragrances, therefore there are no abrasive powders left behind and no vacuuming is required.

Chem-Dry Carpet Deodorisers are available in the following fragrances:

  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Lemon Grove

Product Application - For Best Results

The deodorising solution can be applied by holding the can roughly 18 inches away from the carpet, lightly spray the carpet in an even, back and forth motion. Chem-Dry's Carpet Deodorisers are liquid formulated fragrances and can be added to our unique carpet cleaning solution to clean and fragrance at the same time.

Our Carpet Deodorisers are available in handy 14oz cans and are also accredited under Chem-Dry's Green Certified Programme, therefore are safe for humans and animals.