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Professional Consumer Products

One of Chem-Dry's objectives is to help you maintain a healthy home, and provide cleaning tips so you can preserve the appearance of your carpets, upholstery, rugs, curtains and leather upholstery.

Chem-Dry has developed a range of professional homecare products which will keep your carpets, fabrics and upholstery looking pristine in-between our professional cleans. Our comprehensive range of household consumable products helps maintain the longevity of your internal furnishings protects and adds fragrances to your carpets and fabrics. We also provide an effective range of stain removal products to assist you with the removal of most common household stains and spillages to your carpets and upholstery.

Our Products Are Applied Professionally

Our levels of care and attention to detail is second to none, this is exemplified in the methods we use to apply our services and patented carpet cleaning process. Our friendly locally based carpet cleaning technicians believe they should take the same level of care cleaning and restoring your carpets, fabrics and upholstery as they would if they were cleaning their own carpets and upholstery.

The Chem-Dry brand promise says it all:

We will delight our customers with the cleanest and fastest drying carpets in the industry. Our products will be expertly applied so as to be gentle on carpets and property, safe for people and pets. And our service will be delivered by trustworthy, friendly professionals.

Highly Trained Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Professionals

Part of Chem-Dry's commitment to our customers, is to ensure that service is delivered by well-trained carpet cleaning technicians, who can identify different types of fabrics and are able to provide cleaning performance which delights you at all times.

Chem-Dry franchises are provided with a wide range of carpet and upholstery training resources, these materials include hands-on training, Chem-Dry seminars, training manuals, DVD's and distance learning schemes such as our bespoke E-Learning system. These bespoke training resources help our carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians to learn at their own pace and develop skills appropriate to their job roles.

Better trained technicians are able to deliver a superior customer experience as a direct result of our certified 5 star technical carpet and upholstery cleaning programme.

Our programme helps to turn our technicians into the UK's greatest carpet and upholstery cleaning specialists, who are trained and then apply our best practices in customer service and cleaning methods. Our bespoke range of training aids, allows our technicians to fully engage in their own training development programmes and learn at a pace that suites them.

We really are committed to ensure our carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians are the most thoroughly trained within our industry.

Training materials available to technicians and franchises include E-Learning modules, seminars, workshops, hands-on practical’s, manuals and DVD presentations.

Research and Development - Into Carpet Fibres, Fabrics & Our Cleaning Solution

Chem-Dry holds over 30 years of technical competence within the upholstery & carpet cleaning industry and central to this expertise is our extensive research and development of our patented carpet cleaning solution 'The Natural®'. Our revolutionary PowerHead & CTS Truckmount cleaning technology coupled with ground-breaking carpet cleaning solutions ensures we are always at the forefront developments within the industry.

Whilst we continually inform and educate the UK public of the importance of drier & cleaner carpets and healthier indoor environments, our research programme is dedicated to providing the most effective and safe cleaning processes within the industry.

Extensive and rigorous testing has allowed us to gain an in-depth understanding of how carpets fibres and upholstery fabrics wear, stain and become dirty. This insight has aided the development of our naturally based range of carpet & upholstery cleaning solutions and professional homecare products which will provide a gentle heeling effect for your carpet, fabric & upholstery.